Desktop Applications
Even in today's web connected world, there is still a need for classic Windows desktop applications.
Process automation

Desktop applications can be used to automate the processes that take place in your company. All processes take time and use resources. TechnoLab can provide automation solutions to make these processes more efficient and so save you time and money when performing day to day business tasks.
Office productivity

Utilising existing office software technologies, such as Microsoft Word, Excel and Access, Office automation software aims to simplify common office based tasks to produce a more efficient work flow.
Rapid prototyping

Prototyping is important in the design of large systems. TechnoLab has big experience of using rapid prototyping tools to provide proofs of concept during the solution design phase. These prototypes are used to prove that the project is feasible and allow the client to refine their requirements for a solution.
TechnoLab desktop solutions

TechnoLab has the skill set to create excellent desktop solutions. We use C++ or VB and scripting to provide a rapid prototype that allows a client to see proof of concept and refine their requirements. These prototypes are then coded into C++ for stability and speed and extended to provide the solution that meets your business needs.