Web Services
Web services are a new way of doing business on the Internet. A company can offer services and transactions to their customers that can be run automatically via the Internet without people having to use a web site based interface.
Why is this so good

The advantages of offering web services are:
  • Direct integration
    Customers can use your service from their own software products and web sites.

  • Ease of use
    Customers use your service without having to manually go to your web site, login and request the service.

  • Micro billing
    Customers pay to use your service and you have a high degree of control over how you charge for this service.

  • Easily found
    Web services can be registered in a global directory that can be searched by anyone requiring a web service. This could potentially open up your business to a vast new marketplace.
An example of a web service

A company offers a translation service over the Internet. At the moment this requires a person to go to the web site, upload the document and download the translated text. A web service could offer the same translation, but can be automated by a simple Internet call that sends the document and receives the translation. This allows the customers to integrate the translation service seemlessly in their own products.
TechnoLab and web services

TecnoLab has recognised that web services represent the next big leap for Internet software. We have positioned ourselves as a source of information and development expertise in this fast growing area.